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 Take your brand activation to the next level with an onsite artist! Gifts become more special with custom hand engraved names or greetings. Create memorable corporate gifts with personalized engraving. Wow your wedding guests with beautiful writing and art on authentic vintage mirrors. 

 Thank you for visiting my website! I'm Kathy. I have been a professional Artist and Graphic Designer of over 30 years in the commercial space, creating art and design for mass produced products. I have always had a love for hand lettering and drawing (illustration major here!) and have recently taken up those endeavors again in my side business. My background in graphic and Digital design is an added bonus to me ...

  I can digitize and expand on anything that was originally created by the human hand. From printed stationery to signage, I have many vendors available to print your project on different items and substrates after we create it. 


The number 28 has has shown itself too many times over my lifetime to not have some special meaning.

From my grandparents' street address to my parents' wedding anniversary, numerous street addresses and phone numbers belonging to my husband and me, to both of our daughter's birthdates (and I am sure I may be forgetting a few things), It was an easy choice for my studio name!

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